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Liquid Sorb® (7002)
Non-contact bedding reduces odor and airborne particulate.
AC-Booster®  (9201)
Unique acid descaler which can be used with Stout alkaline detergent during the same wash cycle for better pH results.
Laundry Detergent (502D)
Healthcare laundry detergent removes alll soils. Safe on all healthcare fabrics.
Stout® (7110)
Alkaline recirculate washer detergent.
Clor-150® (7025)
Chlorinated recirculate washer detergent.
Complete® (7120)
Two in One detergent.
Ultra concentrated detergent for recirculating washers.
Ultra concentrated acid cleaner for recirculating washers.
Complete III® (7121)
Three in One detergent
Earth Klenz® (5100)
Biodegradeable cleaner; non-toxic/non-Butyl.
Ensure 200® (9001)
Citric acid blend descaler.
Organic AC-200® (9200)
Phosphoric Acid descaler.
Kleenzyme® (3100)
Enzymatic cleaner for sipper tubes and surgical equipment.
Strike Bac® (3201)
Quaternary disinfectant detergent.
QN-430® (9050)
pH adjuster.
CIP-Passivator® (9001)
Washer maintainer--used regularly will reduce mainenance cost and improve efficiency.
Sonic Klenz® (7111)
Cart washer/laboratory glassware cleaner/instrument detergent for recirculating washers.
Myra Cyn Quat Disinfectant® (1102)
1oz. per gallon dilution.
Show Time ® (3034)
Floor sealer and finish.
Strip-Off® (3120)
Floor stripper.
AK-100® (7100)
Recirculate washer detergent.
Pharmaceutical alkaline detergent for process cleaning.

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